Saturday, December 19, 2009

Have You Ever Heard of Reusable Kleenex?

A couple of months ago I purchased some of these wonderful cosmetic pads from ragquiltusa on Etsy. I thought it might be a nice, environmentally friendly thing to do. What I did not know was how wonderful a real cotton flannel cosmetic pad felt. They are much nicer than the disposable ones.

Now, I use them every day for applying toner. It is a little bit of pampering for me and a totally guiltless pleasure. I have a mesh bag hanging from the towel rack above the toilet that I pop the dirty ones into. When it is full, I simply toss the bag full of pads into the washer and dryer and start all over again.

Today, I found these pretty (or handsome) handkerchiefs embroidered in blue on Etsy, and I thought of how much I enjoy my reusable cosmetic pads. I bet these could be another guiltless pleasure. If you click on any of the above descriptions, you will be taken directly to the listing.

Pretty hankies remind me of my Grandmother. She always had one tucked up her sleeve. Handkerchiefs also remind me of the story my parents tell about one of their first dates.

My mom says that her nose was running and she asked if she could use my Dad's handkerchief. He gave it to her, and when she returned it, he threw it out the window. No, it was not a piece of kleenex that you throw away but a real handkerchief. Dad chimes in and says that he did not know what else to do with the snotty, wet thing. Maybe the lesson is that ladies should never be caught without their own handkerchief!


  1. Actually, it was our FIRST date! I asked if he had any kleenex and he handed me his handkerchief! I wasn't about to keep it, but I should have at least offered to wash it! The best part is that we have been together ever since. To be exact, it was March 13, 1956.

  2. I always knew I had a classy dad, but I did not realize that kleenex was even an option way back then. =)

    (BTW-Congratulations! I bet this was the first time you have blogged, Mom!)

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