Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reviving Ode to Blue!

I have decided it is time the revive Ode to Blue.  Because I am having trouble getting back into this blog as an administrator, I am creating a new blog--http://www.anodetoblue.blogspot.com.

The theme will be the same--Blue.  But, it will be more than Etsy merchandise.  If you like blue, come over and enjoy the beauty of blue with me.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have moved!

After a bit of deliberation,
I have decided to combine my ODE TO BLUE posts
into another blog.

Please come and follow at:

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful Blue Butterflies on Etsy

Wow! I knew it had been awhile since I posted, but I did not know it had been over a month! The beautiful weather, yard, and gardens have just been too much of a diversion.

However, today I wanted to share a couple of neat things.

The butterfly magnet from ButterflyCreation pictured on the left is made from recycled plastic soda and water bottles. They are then beautifully painted. Very nice!

In the center is a reproduction of a collage painting by ThumbelinaPaint. She has a special ability to capture the essence of childhood, in my opinion. Beautiful work!

Last but not least, on the right are the edible butterflies from SugarRobot. They are amazing! Wouldn't a group of them be absolutely beautiful fluttering on a cake?!

ETSY MINI ARCHIVE - Blue and Brown - 5/17/10

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Etsy Treasury - Blue + Green = TLA

I decided to change it up a bit today. Well, maybe not much. The items are still blue with a bit of green thrown in. However, instead of my little Etsy Minis, this is an Etsy Treasury. Treasuries only last a couple of days, but if you are lucky, you can still find it here: