Friday, March 26, 2010

Featured Mother & Daughter "Etsians" - OneClayBead and MarciG

The other day when I was getting the Etsy Mini ready, I was searching through OneClayBead's shop for the Marine and Turquoise Poppy Bowl I featured. When I could not find it, I even searched her sold items, but it was not there. The funny thing was that it was not an item from her shop but her daughter's shop. I did not make the mother/daughter connection until MarciG commented on the post using her mom's Google account. That is when I went back to MarciG's shop and saw the link right in her shop introduction.

The other thing I did not realize is that MarciG happens to be a teenager, and a very talented one at that. I guess talent runs in the family!

As I was sitting here at my dining room table creating this post and drinking a cup of tea, I keep visualizing how neat a collection of MarciG's little poppy tea bag holders would look as a centerpiece. If you were having some friends over for tea, they would also be a functional centerpiece.

Above, is a picture I did up of how these wonderful little poppy plates from MarciG might look surrounding one of her mother's--OneClayBead--beautiful bowls. They will even combine shipping.

Oh, I just had another thought. This centerpiece would also be great for a bridal shower. The poppy plates / tea bag holders could be prizes or favors for the guests, and the bowl could be a gift for the bride. (That is if you are willing to part with them any of them.) How fun!

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  1. Oh, I do love the way you think :)

    You might imagine that Marci's style grew entirely out of mine, but that is only partly true. I've also been hand building more as I've watched Marci's work evolve. I lend her my expertise on making work more functional but she also inspires me to me more sculptural.

    Thanks for featuring us!
    Lee/OneClayBead XO